Child custody battles can take an ugly turn

Pierre Domercq Child Custody and Visitation

For California couples who are facing a child custody case, it is important to take a balanced approach. These cases are best handled when both parents proceed with a high degree of respect toward one another. However, it is also essential to be prepared in case the process turns ugly. One widely reported child custody battle serves as a warning to all parents of how quickly the issue can take a nasty turn.
The media has picked up on a sensational child custody case in which a mother was questioned about her decision to have an abortion. Apparently, the woman had made the argument that her husband was the cause of her high stress level. His attorney began to question her about her choice to have a late-term abortion. When the woman’s attorney objected, the judge decided to allow the line of questioning continue.
It is not clear how the abortion played into the argument made by the husband’s legal team. However, the implications here are disturbing. A woman’s choice to terminate a pregnancy should never be used to suggest that she is not a good parent. In fact, many within the field of women’s health are coming forward to argue that some women choose to have an abortion in order to ensure that they are able to adequately meet the needs of the children that they already have.
As this case moves forward, many in California and beyond will take note of the progression and eventual outcome. While this may be a subject that could not possibly arise in one’s own child custody battle, it is indicative of the types of strategies that could be employed in court. Savvy parents are able to move through a child custody battle prepared to fight fair, but with the understanding that the other side may not take that same approach.
Source:, Have an Abortion, Lose Custody of Your Children, Robin Marty, Sept. 29, 2013