Secretly recording your husband or wife in a Carlsbad divorce, domestic violence, or restraining order case

Pierre Domercq Domestic Violence

Our experienced Carlsbad divorce attorneys will tell you that when emotions run high people sometimes do or say things they later regret. A divorcing husband or wife in Carlsbad may try to preserve evidence of those words or actions by making secret recordings. Most lawyers will caution against secret recordings because they may expose you to criminal and civil penalties in addition to likely being inadmissible in most Carlsbad divorces.
There are a few exceptions to this general rule, but the facts surrounding these exceptions are easily misunderstood by the general public and any but the best divorce attorneys. If you have secretly recorded your husband or wife in a Carlsbad divorce, if you want to secretly record your husband or wife, or if you believe someone secretly recorded you, it is critical that you immediately speak to one of our Carlsbad divorce lawyers so they can explain the nuances associated with when it may be appropriate to secretly record your spouse in a Carlsbad Divorce.