What kind of divorce may I file for if I live in Carlsbad?

Pierre Domercq Divorce

Divorces in Carlsbad come in two types.
The best decision about the type of divorce you seek considers all your circumstances.
The first type of Carlsbad divorce is a Summary Dissolution. You can only obtain this type of divorce if you have been married for fewer than five years, have no children (and no child custody issues), own no real estate, owe no more than $4,000 in combined debt, own less than $32,000 worth of property acquired during the marriage, own no more than $32,000 of separate property, agree that neither spouse will ever receive spousal support, and you must have a signed agreement dividing the debts. Also, one spouse must have lived in California for at least six months before filing for divorce and have lived 3 months in the County where the spouse is filing.
The second type of Carlsbad divorce is a Regular divorce. This is the type of divorce that almost everyone falls under.
Instead of a Carlsbad divorce, some people believe that it is best to file for a legal separation. For a discussion about Legal Separations, see our related entry on that issue.