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Pierre Domercq Divorce

Q: My husband and I divorced many years ago. We have a child who is now 17 years old and is a special needs child who may never be self-sufficient. If child support ends when he turns 18 who is responsible to support him after that?
A: These circumstances are far more frequent than what you might think in a divorce. You first must understand that if the parents enter a stipulated agreement [written agreement] for the support of an adult child-for example through college or otherwise-then the Court has the authority to enter orders requiring compliance and then enforcing that agreement/order. Absent an agreement, the law clearly provides the father and mother have an equal responsibility to maintain, to the extent of their ability, a child of whatever age who is incapacitated from earning a living and without sufficient means. The experienced attorneys at Burke & Domercq, LLP. in Carlsbad help parents address these issues. If you have any specific questions or concerns then please call Burke & Domercq, LLP. www.dburkelaw.com