Q: My wife and I want to save money on the divorce she filed in the Vista court

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Q: my wife and I want to save money on the divorce she filed in Vista courts. She filed it by herself and I hired an attorney to help me. Now she says she will get an attorney. I’m afraid that everything is escalating and we are going to spend what little we have on the attorneys. What should I do to control the situation?
A: the best attorneys will always exhaust settlement opportunities to minimize the duration and expense of the process. Information has to be determined before settlement can be reached. You need to know about all the assets [bank accounts, properties, investments, etc.] and all the debts [liens, credit card balances, taxes owed or to be owed, etc.]. You will need to agree on or have independent information as to the value of the assets and the true income of each spouse as well. If you obtain this critical information without the need of subpoenas and other legal assistance then you will save much of the expense of hiring an attorney. Once you have this information then you should propose hiring a respected neutral mediator who can work with the two parties together and/or the parties with counsel in mediation to resolve any conflicts and help guide you to an appropriate result. If the mediation is not successful you then can proceed with litigation and submit the issues to a judge for adjudication.