Getting divorced later in life

Pierre Domercq Divorce

While divorce rates have declined over the years, there is one age group in which divorces have actually increased. People aged 50 and over are more likely to get divorced now than they were back in 1990. California couples may want to be aware of this trend and its possible ramifications for their own relationships.
Analysts aren’t quite sure why divorce is increasing among older people, but have suggested a couple of possibilities. First is that people are living longer and may not relish the idea of spending decades with someone who they simply do not get along with. These people may feel that they would be better off on their own or that they would like to take a chance and start a new relationship.
Another possibility is that women are more likely to have more financial resources than they did in the past. In previous decades, a woman who did not work while married would be in a vulnerable situation if she chose to divorce late in life. Similarly, her husband might be concerned about having to delay retirement if he was forced to provide alimony or split his retirement funds with his wife. Since many women now have their own careers and investments, this particular concern may not be as pressing as it was in the past.
Seniors who are considering ending their marriage may want to meet with their respective attorneys to get a better explanation of the divorce process. Although it is unlikely that child custody or support will be at issue, the division of community property can be arduous, especially when the marriage has lasted a long time. An attorney will often recommend that a client start by taking an inventory of all of the couple’s assets.