How to Accomplish an Economical Divorce in North County

Pierre Domercq Divorce

The attorneys at Burke & Domercq and our staff are committed to helping you to complete a cost-effective divorce whenever possible. Recent statistics show more than 80% of Californians attempt to file their own divorces, however, less than half are able to successfully complete the process. Why is it so difficult to manage on your own and how do you keep costs down?
Let’s take the second question first: “How do you keep costs down?” The simple answer to this question is to resolve every issue contained within the “Separation Agreement” on your own. This requires former spouses who are able to communicate and negotiate without allowing emotion to cloud their judgment.
We have special services for those who are able to work out all facets of their divorce. We can economically review, edit and prepare your final divorce papers in a manner which the Court is most likely to accept and approve. Many people are embarassed and dismayed by the delays associated with going to Court only to find out your paperwork isn’t complete or that the orders contained within your paperwork are not enforceable. In some cases the admonishment of the Judge is enough to make it hard to go back.
Our paralegal staff and attorneys work together to deliver cost-effective divorce services to keep costs at a minimum while working to help your divorce to be completed in the shortest possible time frame.
What happens if there are areas of genuine disagreement? Our seasoned divorce attorneys can often suggest alternative solutions based upon our extensive real life and legal experience here in North County. We know what the Court is most likely to accept, and we can recommend solutions to help you resolve challenges.
In difficult situatations, mediation may be an attracitve alternative to litigation in open Court. Mediation brings a neutral third party into the equation to help each party understand all sides of the issue(s) while offering several potential solutions.
It is possible to complete a divorce in North County in an economical way. We invite you to call our office at 760-712-3741 to schedule an appointment today.