How Can Our Attorneys Help You Keep More Money in a Divorce?

Pierre Domercq Divorce

Most Californians attempt to begin the divorce process on their own in an attempt to manage a cost-effective divorce. The Superior Court notes that more than 80% of cases filed in divorce cases do not initially involve a lawyer. The Court also notes that less than half of these cases are completed without an attorney.
The reality borne out by these statistics and by the experiences of most couples who attempt to file their own divorce is it actually substantially increases the cost of their divorce and extends the time required to complete it to more than a year.
A local Judge recently noted “I always ask the parties how long they’ve been trying to complete their divorce. Unfortunately, the answer is more than a year in almost every case.”
The reality in divorce is counter-intuitive: An experienced attorney will help you to keep more money and complete your divorce in much less time.
How is this possible? How can the attorneys at Burke & Domercq help you to keep more of your money than if you attempt to handle a divorce on your own?
The largest sources of genuine cost for most of these couples is the time they have to take off of work to seek help from the free resources provided by the Court, and the ultimate cost to resolve areas of disagreement. The lines are long (and form very early each morning) and are limited for each visit. Usually after months and months of failed attempts to resolve challenges and complete viable paperwork the parties simply give up and wind up having to hire an attorney and start over anyway.
The resolution of disagreement over complex issues such as child custody, parenting time and support as well as support and the division of community property is the greatest contributor to expense in any divorce. Our attorneys help couples to resolve areas of disagreement by providing insight and guidance based upon decades of experience and expertise in similar cases right here in North County.
Mediation is a cost saving strategy for resolving areas of dispute in a divorce. Daniel Burke has served as an effective mediator for more than 20 years in North County. We can help you to keep costs down while working through areas of disagreement and arriving at solutions that can be incorporated into the settlement agreement in your case.
In addition, we help clients who are involved in cases that involve business ownership or a professional practice to protect their interests. If you owned property prior to getting married, or received a substantial gift or inheritance it should be “separate” property that is yours alone. The other party may attempt to dilute the issue and claim the funds or property was “commingled” and therefore should be considered as community property and divided equally between the parties.
Our attorneys stand up for and protect your personal interests. This protects our clients and actually helps them to complete their divorce in the shortest possible time frame and with more money in their own accounts than if they had tried to manage things on their own.
Finally, the greatest “hidden cost” in a Carlsbad or North County divorce is the emotional price the parties have to pay. The attorneys at Burke & Domercq help to reduce your stress as well as the short and long term emotional impact of the divorce. Our clients come away with a greater understanding of how to handle challenges down the road, and with a solution that is an agreement they can live with.
Do you want to complete your divorce promptly and efficiently? Are you looking for a strategy that will ensure a cost-effective North County divorce? We invite you to contact us or call 760-712-3741.