Thinking About Divorce – What Should You be Focused Upon?

Pierre Domercq Divorce

Thinking about a divorce over the holidays usually brings mixed feelings. The thoughts forming in your mind are most likely a combination of nostalgia, frustration, concern for the future and questions about what is best for you personally.
After decades of service to Carlsbad and North County San Diego we would like to ease your burden a bit this holiday season. The most important thing to know about a North County divorce is this:
Cost and the time it will take to complete are directly related to the ability to work through areas of dispute.
Whether through agreement between you and your spouse, or by the orders of a Judge your divorce cannot be completed until all issues in the settlement agreement are resolved.
The best divorce experience is one where the parties work together with attorneys who will not fan the flames but work to protect your interests and accomplish your goals effectively while preserving a constructive atmosphere.
Mediation is an excellent tool for resolving challenging questions. In mediation an experienced and neutral third party guides the conversation through areas of principled disagreement to help the parties consider multiple alternatives and ultimately arrive at a resolution.
There is no “win” or “lose” in a divorce. Our North County Judges would ask you to think more in terms of “give” and “take.” Ponder questions about what will be most important to you five or ten years from now. It will be the peace of mind you have during the course of your divorce and the life that follows. It will be about harmonious transitions for you and any children in your life.
It will be more about experience than the possession of “things.”
Finally, the reality is those parties who are able to find a way to work constructively through their divorce not only bear less emotional burden during the process, their life after the divorce is completed is much stronger. People are much more likely to keep and abide by agreements reached on their own than those imposed upon them by a Judge.
Working constructively through issues reduces stress during your divorce, and reduces the likelihood of going to back to court and battling over issues such as child custody or spousal support.
There is a path forward, and it doesn’t have to be strewn with money and pain. Draw on the experience and expertise of one of the most experienced divorce and family law firms in North County. We invite you to contact Burke & Domercq or call 760-712-3741 to schedule an appointment with one of our attorneys.
Pre-planning before taking action will make a substantial difference.