What Should You Look for in a North County Divorce Mediator?

Pierre Domercq Mediation

One of the most cost-effective divorce strategies is mediation. Mediation is highly encouraged by our North County divorce courts as mediation helps couples with seemingly unresolvable disagreement to find common ground and negotiate a resolution they can live with. The cost of mediation is substantially less than any litigation before a Judge or Magistrate here in North County.
Many couples struggle with issues of child custody, spousal support and community property distribution. What should you look for in a North County divorce mediator?
Focused Expertise. It is important to work with a mediator who is focused solely upon issues surrounding divorce and family law issues. Other mediators may handle everything from business disputes to real estate matters. Their attention is divided between several areas of the law and not as extensive as a mediator such as Daniel Burke who has decades of divorce and family law expertise.
Experience. Look for a mediator with extensive mediation experience. Ask how many years they have served as a mediator, how many cases they have helped to resolve and the extent of their training. Your divorce is far too important to risk on someone with lesser experience. Your mediator should have extensive experience with North County family law Courts and all of the Judges and Magistrates. This allows your mediator to provide the benefit of insight into how matters are usually handled in reality, the application of law to your dispute as well as creative solutions that have worked for other couples in similar circumstances.
Trial Experience. Look for a mediator who has litigated several North County divorces. This experience provides insight that is not available in law school or for those who only prepare paperwork. Daniel Burke has extensive trial experience here in North County family law cases. You can draw upon his experience and expertise to learn what to expect if you are not able to resolve disputes in mediation, and how harsh the experience of trial can be for most participants. The insights of actual trial work and verdicts informs the work of your divorce and family law mediator as they work to help you find common ground and resolve your differences.
The primary benefits of mediation are time, cost and long-term peace. Cases that seek mediation are almost always completed in a much shorter time frame than those who represent themselves in the Court or those who have to have the Judge resolve disputes.
The cost of mediation is a fraction of litigation, and if you value your own time and the cost of missing work to go to the Court for self representation guidance you will find mediation to be a much less expensive and time consuming experience.
Finally, those who reach agreement through mediation and successful negotiation are much more likely to abide by those agreements after the divorce is completed. This reduces conflict and expensive post-decree litigation, saving substantial time and money as well as the emotional cost of continuing dispute and litigation.
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