Winning Child Custody Strategy Requires the Best Interest of the Child

Pierre Domercq Child Custody and Visitation

What does a winning child custody strategy look like? Child custody is often one of the most contentious aspects of a North County Divorce. How can you put yourself in the best position to gain a positive outcome?
California family law focuses on “the best interest of the child” when it comes to custody matters. The best “strategy” may be counter-intuitive to many parents entering into divorce conversations. If you are taking actions or causing scenarios that are not in the best interests of your child, you are in all likelihood damaging your own child custody position.
For example, if you act bitterly or vindictively toward your former spouse it may come back to hurt you in front of the judge. If you have said bitter things about your former spouse to co-workers, friends or extended family members, especially in front of the children, the attorney representing your ex is likely to hold up that behavior to the judge. If the behavior has included the destruction of property or argumentative outbursts that disturbed the neighborhood or resulted in a visit from police, it will reflect negatively on you during custody hearings.
Another example is moving in with a new partner. The Court is looking for a stable situation for your children, and a sense of “normality.” This means maintaining present activities, friendships and relationships with all family members (even your inlaws). If you move in with another partner the Court will consider the impact it has upon the child and the disturbance of their “normal” life. This decision could negatively impact your child custody strategy.
Other examples include making important decisions such as health care, education, extra-curricular activities and religious observations regarding your child without consulting the other parent. Demaning sole custody (in the absence of domestic violence or other extreme circumstances) is not in harmony with most judge’s view of what is in the best interests of a child.
The experienced child custody and divorce attorneys at Burke & Domercq have decades of service here in Carlsbad and North County. We carefully counsel and guide our clients through sensitive issues such as child custody and parenting time. We work to understand your goals and objectives and work to help accomplish them whenever possible. We also protect our clients so that their own actions may not interfere with the specific goals and objectives they have for their divorce.
Your actions throughout the divorce process will reflect on you in many ways in the eyes of the Court and your Judge. This is why it is important to give careful consideration to all communications and actions when going through a divorce in North County. It is also why it is important to seek the counsel of our experienced and proven divorce attorneys at Burke & Domercq.