How Long Does Child Support Continue in North County?

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How long does a parent carry the responsibility to pay child support in North County? Child support is designed to cover the normal expenses any parent would bear such as food, clothing, shelter, health insurance/healthcare and other essential needs.
There are several factors when calculating child support, and a substantial change in the status quo (your income, your former spouse’s income, etc.) will usually be required to justify post-decree modification. You may successfully request modification or elimination of child support if you lose your job, or suffer a permanent or disabling injury or healthcare crisis.
How long will your child support payments last?
The answer to this question is based upon several potential factors including the age of your child, any special needs, the number of children you have and the financial aspects of both of a child’s parents.
Usually, child support continues until your child reaches 18 or the “age of majority.” There are cases where support may be extended to the age of 19, and children with special needs will require support for extended periods, often for their entire life.
There are major life events that may supercede the age of majority such as the legal marriage of a supported child, military enlistment, or if the child seeks legal emancipation (often to qualify for scholarships or other benefits).
Child support is calculated based upon California’s child support guidelines. However, it is possible to modify the agreed upon child support payment based upon settlement negotiations or mediation, as well as the distribution of child custody and parenting time between the parents.
This is why it is so important to be represented by the experienced North County and Carlsbad divorce and family law attorneys at Burke & Domercq. There are many issues that will affect how much child support is to be paid, and the duration of that support. Life changes may require child support to be modified post-decree.
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