January divorces could be spurred by holiday stress

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January is a time for new starts, and for many married couples in California, that could include ending a marriage. Across the country, there is a surge in divorces at the beginning of every year, but experts warn against filing under emotional stress and to be particularly careful of the stress the holiday season can put on couples and families.
December holidays can cause problems for the happiest of couples, and they can make things even more stressful for couples who are having difficulties to begin with. The American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers advises people who are considering divorce to avoid emotional triggers that could cause problems in the divorce proceedings. According to the AAML, divorce should be treated like a business deal because hostility can make it more complicated and possibly more expensive.
Serving divorce papers during the holidays is a bad idea, lawyers say, especially when there are children involved. A holiday divorce could cause an emotional connection between the holiday and the negativity of the breakup, which for children could wind up lasting a lifetime. But planning for divorce during the holiday season is acceptable if it’s done quietly and with a cool head. No matter what time of year it is, it is best to proceed slowly towards divorce while making plans for the future after the marriage is over.
After considering their options, some couples do decide that divorce is not the best option after all. Money, though it often causes marital problems, is also sometimes the reason couples decide to save the marriage. The financial status of both spouses will be affected by divorce. California is a community property state, which means that marital assets are generally divided equally between spouses when they divorce. But divorce could still leave one spouse with financial difficulties, particularly if it means that he or she will lose health insurance coverage or other benefits. People who are struggling with these types of decisions may want to discuss their concerns with their family law attorneys.