The Reality of Do it Yourself Divorce in North County

Pierre Domercq Divorce

California Courts report more than 80% of divorces are filed by the parties themselves, without the representation of an attorney. The State of California will also tell you that less than half of those are able to complete the divorce on their own, and almost all of those cases take more than a year to complete.
The hidden cost in DIY divorce cases is time. Time off of work to go to the Court’s “free” clinic for a small allotment of time to complete the “next” piece of the puzzle. There are a lot of pieces. Many have gone to court with paperwork that is incorrectly formatted, missing crucial components or unresolved issues within the separation agreement only to be “continued” to set another court date and come back in the future.
What makes this so hard, and why do most need an attorney to complete the process? The first answer is the paperwork itself, especially when the divorce is not simply two people with few assets. Children in the marriage requires child custody, parenting time and child support calculations and proper paperwork. Spousal support is not clearly defined, and these issues (time with the kids and support issues) create some of the hardest challenges to overcome.
A small 401(k) is actually a substantial legal challenge. Every 401(k) administrator has their own paperwork known as a QDRO that must be exactly formatted for the plan to accept it. The Court must approve the division of retirement assets as well as all community property.
Our attorneys understand the monetary pressures on divorce in Carlsbad and North County and offer cost-effective strategies to help complete your divorce more efficiently and in a timely manner. Our decades of experience provides insight to our clients to help provide potential solutions to areas where you may be in dispute with your former spouse.
Mediation is a cost-effective time saving tool for resolving areas of disagreement. Daniel Burke has decades of experience and expertise in North County divorce and family law mediations, and helps couples to resolve their differences and move forward.
Our staff will help to prepare all paperwork and our attorneys review and advise to keep costs down and the process moving forward. Learn why DIY divorce is so difficult, and in the end much more expensive than seeking help from our cost-effective divorce team.
Are you tired of the hours and hours of running back and forth and missed work? Are you looking for a cost-effective solution that will help you to avoid all the hassle and complete your divorce? We invite you to contact us or call 760-712-3741 to schedule an appointment with one of our lawyers.