Can A Grandparent be Granted Visitation in North County?

Pierre Domercq Child Custody and Visitation

We are often asked if a grandparent can seek and gain court orders for visitation of a grandchild here in Carlsbad or North County. California law is primarily interested in what is in the best interests of the child. While there is no specific California family law that provides guaranteed rights to a grandparent, there is substantial case law on the subject that provides hope for many clients.
The experienced child custody and visitation attorneys at Burke & Domercq have successfully argued for the rights of a grandparent to visit their grandchild resulting in court ordered visitation access. In some cases, the answer lies in resolving the underlying dispute between the parties, or simply negotiating a middle path to save time and money in what could be a protracted and expensive litigation for all parties.
There are many reasons why access to a grandchild may be cut off. This includes the death of a parent, or in some cases a nasty divorce that carries over into the extended family. The relationship between an child and their grandparents can and should be quite special. We must establish the bond between the parties, and the importance of continuing that bond for the child.
In addition, the Court must weigh the importance for the child to continue and build upon their relationship with a grandparent against the legal rights of the parents themselves. This is a delicate balance, and these cases require skilled and highly experienced attorneys who understand the nature of relationships, the personalities of those involved and the most likely path to success in your case.
Are you a grandparent seeking visitation rights to your grandchild in Carlsbad or North County San Diego? California law does not provide any guarantees for grandparents, but there are substantial and successful legal arguments that are rooted in California case law and especially the best interests of the child.
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