Domestic Violence in a Carlsbad Divorce

Pierre Domercq Domestic Violence

What impact does domestic violence have upon a Carlsbad divorce case? Real or false allegations of domestic violence can impact several aspects of the divorce including child custody and even spousal support. If you are guilty of domestic violence you will in all likelihood be ineligible to receive spousal support.
The experienced family law and divorce attorneys at Burke & Domercq have decades of experience in North County divorce cases, including those with issues related to domestic violence. We take immediate action to help protect and ensure the security of children and of spouses who are victims of abuse.
At the same time, we have witnessed cases where false allegations of domestic abuse have been levied in order to gain an upper hand in child custody negotiations. If you are falsely accused of domestic violence it is highly likely that you will face a restraining order due to your former spouse’s allegations. You must follow every instruction in the temporary restraining order or TRO to the letter.
No contact means no contact – not even if the person who sought the restraining order is reaching out to your or initiating contact. This means no email, phone calls, voice mail, written letters, notes or communications passed through others (including family or friends) and no interpersonal contact.
If you are facing false allegations of domestic violence and a temporary restraining order you must stand up to the allegations and attend the mandatory hearing before the Judge. Our experienced attorneys will advise you and represent you in this hearing to ask for a dismissal of the restraining order and to protect your long-term child custody, support and other interests in the divorce.
If you are involved in a divorce and domestic violence is an element of your relationship we invite you to contact us or call 760-712-3741 to schedule an appointment with one of our experienced attorneys.