Questions We are Often Asked About Child Support in North County

Pierre Domercq Child Support

We are often asked about child support related issues during the course of counseling our divorcing clients in Carlsbad and North County. There is no substitute for the advice of experienced and proven divorce and family law attorneys. However, here is some insight into commonly asked questions about child support:
How is child support determined? California has a base child support guideline calculator and this information provides the foundation for most child support orders. Many other factors may be taken into consideration including the needs of each child, the income and lifestyle of the individual parents and even health insurance premiums. The Court will also consider the tax implications of all settlements.
If you have more than one child, is the amount of support equal for each child? The simple answer is “no.” The ages of the children and special needs will have an impact on each calculation.
Is child support based upon salaried income from your primary job, or will other sources of revenue be considered? The Court will consider all sources of “income” for any party when considering support orders. This will include bonuses and commissions, as well as investment income and other sources of revenue for each person.
Is the recipient of child support required to pay every expense for each child? Absolutely not. Child support is not meant to represent all of the costs annually for a child. It is established to balance any difference in lifestyle that might be caused by different levels of income, and to ensure the best interests of the child continue to be met. It does not include costs such as extra-curricular activities and sports, private school tuition or school uniforms. These items are usually negotiated separately. Child support is generally intended for basic cost of living.
If you are considering a divorce in Carlsbad or North County or are concerned with issues such as child support, child custody and parenting time we invite you to contact us or call 760-712-3741 to schedule an appointment with one of our experienced attorneys. Your situation and circumstances are unique, and the real answers to your questions cannot be found or relied upon online.