Why is Mediation Such an Effective Tool in a North County Divorce?

Pierre Domercq Mediation

Why is mediation such an effective tool in a Carlsbad or North County divorce? The most direct answers are control, cost containment, peace of mind, and “stickiness.”
Mediation provides a high level of influence for each party and our attorneys who represent you throughout your divorce. The parties have the ability to set their own rules for the mediation in conjunction with the mediator’s own guidelines to ensure the atmosphere remains non-combative, constructive and productive.
Mediation controls costs by resolving areas of dispute and disagreement without the need for expensive litigation before the court. The cost of your divorce is directly associated with the level of dispute or disagreement between the parties. A successful mediator helps the parties to find common ground, develop creative alternatives and reach agreed upon solutions they can live with.
The peace of mind throughout the divorce process is greatly increased by mediation. In addition, each party usually learns skills and the couple establish a working relationship that will serve them long after the divorce is completed, especially when issues of raising children, child custody and visitation or parenting time are involved. Mediation reduces the emotional price of a divorce while helping to complete the divorce in a faster time frame.
One of the greatest advantages of mediation is the “stickiness” of the agreements the parties reach during the process. Many studies have found that parties who reach agreement in mediation or negotiation are much more likely to “stick with” or abide by those agreements once the divorce is completed. This reduces the emotional strain and economic challenges associated with post-decree disputes and litigation.
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