Forensic Accounting and Valuations in a High Asset Divorce

Pierre Domercq Divorce

Many couples in North County San Diego have significant assets or a substantial income. When marriages associated with wealth or high wage earners come to an end each spouse owes a fiduciary duty to the other to “immediately, fully and accurately” disclose all assets and liabilities. What happens if something is missed, intentionally or unintentionally. How do you separate the two parties and the complex series of community and separate property associated with their divorce?
Some assets like bank and investment accounts, retirement accounts and trust funds may be more straight forward when it comes to assessing their value. Other assets such as real property, separate property that has been commingled and even intellectual property and copyrighted material may be harder to properly value.
Business ownership interests will usually require an independent valuation by an expert in the appropriate field. The attorneys at Burke & Domercq work with forensic accountants who review information from multiple sources as well as the data provided by the other party. These forensic specialists verify the accuracy and completeness of information provided and search for inaccuracies, omissions, and hidden assets.
The Court in these cases is interested in an accurate valuation and accounting so that separate property can be identified, community property can fully assessed organized and valued and ultimately all property, assets and liabilities may be divided between the parties.
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