Keeping the divorce friendly for the children

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California parents who are ending their marriages may get so wrapped up in accusations that they could forget about how their children will also be involved. Because divorce turns everyone’s world upside, parents should be trying to do what is best for their children as they may be the most affected by the change in family structure.
When planning to file, it is important that parents chose a time that will not have a negative impact on their children. Many parents decide to get a divorce during the school year, though this can cause their children’s academic performance to suffer due to the additional stress. Filing for divorce over the summer can give the children a chance to adjust to their new family situations without having to worry about school and other academic responsibilities.
Parents may not realize it, but fighting can actually affect the kids more than the divorce. Parents should do their best to avoid arguing in front of the kids and to keep things professional. It is important that both parents be available to talk to their children and tell them that they are loved and that they are still a family.
When parents go through the divorce process, the most difficult part may be reaching a child custody agreement that gives both of them an appropriate amount of parenting time. If the parents cannot work together to come to an agreement, a family law attorney may negotiate on behalf of a parent. The attorney may take certain factors into consideration, like whether or not the parent has to travel for work, whether they will be living in the same state as the other parent and their ability to provide proper care for their children.