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Pierre Domercq Spousal Support

Spousal support is often one of the most contentious issues within a North County or Carlsbad divorce. Unlike child support which has very specific state guidelines, the judge has much more flexibility when it comes to deciding whether spousal support is to be awarded as well as the amount to be paid.
Spousal support is based upon many variables including but not limited to:
the incomes and existing lifestyle of the parties
the present skills of spousal support recipients and their ability to gain meaningful employment and financial independence
the duration of the marriage
the extent to which the recipient contributed to the career, education or support of the party paying spousal support
the age and health of the parties
California family law generally provides goals for spousal support. The supported party should be self-supporting in a reasonable period of time, generally half the term of the marriage itself. The judge often issues a “Gavron Warning” which specifically informs the recipient of their responsibility to seek meaningful employment and the time frame for support will be limited.
In longer term marriages (marriages of 10 years or longer) support may be longer in term, especially if one party gave up a career to remain at home to help raise children, support the other spouse and manage the household.
The attorneys at Burke & Domercq have extensive negotiation and trial experience and expertise in these cases. We aggressively advocate to accomplish our client’s goals and objectives and provide advice and insight based upon decades of experience in spousal support matters here in North County.
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