Social Media Use in a Carlsbad or North County Divorce

Pierre Domercq Divorce

This is a social media age, however those considering or seeking a divorce in Carlsbad or North County must give careful consideration to social media and the impact it can and will have upon their case. Social media accounts are one of the best sources for information to be used against your interests in a divorce. And don’t assume your account is secure, there are many ways to legally gain access to social media posts and opposing counsel can and will use every post against you.
The first decision is usually how to announce your divorce. It is best to notify family and your closest circle of friends personally. A social media blast is no way to tell the people you care about about a divorce.
Give consideration to your children. Parents talk, communities talk and what children hear their parents discuss will have an impact on the lives of your children. It may also affect important aspects of your case such as child custody and parenting time.
Social media is no place to post about a new love interest or your dating exploits if your case is still pending. This information can and will be used against you and may have an impact on your child support or spousal support. The argument goes something like this: “Your honor, if he/she has all of this disposable money for partying and lifestyle surely he/she has the ability to pay more child support, spousal support…”
Do not use your knowledge of passwords to gain access to your former spouse’s email or social media. This is a violation of federal and state law and can lead to serious criminal charges that can and will impact your divorce case and potentially even your personal freedom.
Be extremely cautious about what you say regarding your former spouse, especially online. The best policy is not to speak of your ex or any aspect of the divorce in any public or online forum.
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