When couples separate before getting a divorce

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Before a California couple gets a divorce, they may decide to attempt to physically separate while they determine if this is the right move for them. Physically separating can give each person time and space away so that they can decide whether they want to work on their marriage or if they are happier on their own.
If people are considering a separation, there are certain things they will need to consider as doing so for more than a few months can have an impact on their finances. First, they should get up to speed on what the marital finances are, especially if the other spouse was responsible for handling the bills. Joint credit cards should be closed and they should open new credit cards in their own name.
An estranged spouse should consult with a family law attorney to draft a separation agreement. This agreement should cover child support, child visitation and how the marital assets will be divided should the couple ultimately decide to get a divorce. Who will be liable for any debt that one or the other person accrues during the separation should also be included.
If the couple ultimately decides to go through the divorce process after separating for several months, their family law attorneys may help. An attorney may look over the separation agreement on behalf of a client to determine if the property division agreement is valid. If the former couple cannot work together to reach a settlement, their respective attorneys might suggest mediation as a way to resolve open issues.