Planning a Divorce in Carlsbad Oceanside or Encinitas

Pierre Domercq Divorce

Divorce in Carlsbad, Oceanside or Encinitas can begin as a purely emotional decision. Emotion will swell and fade throughout the process. However, planning a divorce should include careful planning, analysis and preparation. It is the very fact that emotion is involved which explains why it is so important to have an experienced and proven North County divorce attorney at your side.
The vast majority of people simply don’t make good decisions when they are based upon emotion. Our title, given by the State of California, is “Attorney and Counselor at Law.” Our Carlsbad divorce attorneys have decades of experience in North County family law courts. We bring extensive successful trial insight, mediation experience and proven negotiation strategies to your side in one of the most important legal issues you will face in your lifetime: divorce.
While this process doesn’t have to be contentious, it is going to involve the division of all property you have a mutual interest in including but not limited to your home, business, retirement assets, investments and valuable collections. If you are parents the sensitive issues of parenting time, child custody and child support will require resolution. In many cases spousal support is another source of dispute between the parties.
In order to complete your divorce every one of these issues must be completely resolved. This can be accomplished through negotiation, mediation or litigation. The cost and time associated with your divorce will be based upon the amount of dispute between the parties. This is why planning a divorce in Carlsbad Oceanside or Encinitas becomes so important. The attorney you select is the first and most decision of all.
We invite you to review the recommendations of our clients and the legal industry, and contact us or call 760-712-3741 to schedule an appointment with one of our seasoned and experienced attorneys. We will provide insight into your unique circumstances based upon our decades of family law legal representation to North County.