Divorce rates among military service members

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According to an analysis of ensus data, military service members have the highest rates of divorce by the age of 30 when compared to those in other careers. This may be in part due to the unique set of circumstances that service members in California and around the country face, many of which could have an impact on their home life.
Across all fields within the military career path, the divorce rates by the age of 30 were 15 percent. When the different careers within the military were analysed, it was found that first-line enlisted military supervisors had the highest rates of divorce at 30 percent. Logisticians had the next highest divorce rates, followed by automotive service technicians and mechanics. Military-enlisted tactical operations and air weapons had the next highest divorce rates within the military career path.
Working in the military can be extremely demanding, particularly for those who spend time away from home. In fact, another study found that the rate of divorce increased for every month military service members were away from home on deployment. Further, 20 percent of veterans involved in Afghanistan and Iraq have reported mental health issues, including post-traumatic stress disorder. Other factors include marrying young as is common in the military and moving often for work.
For young couples, going through the divorce process can be difficult, especially if there are children involved. If a former spouse is required to move or spend large amounts of time overseas, it is likely that the other parent may be given primary custody. Because these child custody situations can be unique, a family law attorney could assist with negotiating a parenting plan that takes the absences into account.