Temporary and Permanent Orders in a Carlsbad or North County Divorce

Pierre Domercq Child Support

How does child support or spousal support work after the parties separate and file for divorce in North County? What is the difference between temporary orders and permanent orders in a Carlsbad or North County San Diego divorce action?
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When you file for a divorce or legal separation in Carlsbad or North County we may ask the Court to issue temporary orders regarding spousal support and child support. The Judge or Magistrate will set a hearing to review the request and to consider the economic status of both parties and the appropriateness and amount of child support and/or spousal support.
There are many factors the court must consider when determining spousal support in a Carlsbad divorce. These include but are not limited to the duration of the marriage, the age and health of the parties, education, employment viability, economic lifestyle during the marriage and the support one has provided the other through the course of the marriage, such as leaving their career to raise children.
North County family law courts have a fairly wide discretion when it comes to the amount of spousal support. Child support is based upon published guidelines, however the Court can modify this based upon a variety of factors.
Once these initial or “temporary” orders are issued, they remain in place until the case is ready for final judgment and orders. Once the parties have resolved all issues associated with their divorce the Judge or Magistrate is asked to approve the settlement agreement and issue permanent orders.
Once permanent orders are issued by the Court it can be challenging to seek post-decree modification of those orders unless a substantial change in “Status Quo” has occurred.
The experienced divorce attorneys at Burke & Domercq can influence the outcome of these orders at many points along the way. Our strong local reputation, our industry recognized legal skill and performance and the experience gained across decades of appearing in North County family law courts ensures you have strong representation and aggressive attorneys who will work to accomplish your goals and objectives.
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