Characterization and Division of Community Property

Pierre Domercq Divorce

Who is going to get the house in your North County divorce? What about the living room furniture or the vacation home you have out-of-state? The characterization and division of community property in a North County divorce is one of the primary issues associated with the completion of a divorce.
What is community property? Community property in California refers to all assets, financial accounts, bank accounts, business interests, real property, personal property, vehicles, and other belongings which are acquired during the course of a marriage.
There are some exclusions to “community property” which include those assets either party fully owned separately before the marriage occurred, as well as any specific gift or inheritance which was passed on to one of the spouses during the course of the marriage. These assets are considered to be “separate property.” This designation also applies to any interest, profits or other assets which were derived solely through the “separate property” of either former spouse.
In many cases there may be an issue of “commingling.” For example, if one of the parties owned a rental property prior to the marriage and kept all rental income, repairs, taxes and payments separate from the marital accounts the asset would remain the “separate” property of that party. However, if marital funds were used at any point to make the mortgage payments or to pay for repairs or updates the rental property would be considered a “commingled” asset.
When assets have been commingled it will be necessary to determine the portion of the asset which remains “separate” in value, and the portion which has become a “community” asset due to the use of marital funds.
Property division in a North County divorce can become quite legally complex. It is important to seek the advice of the experienced Carlsbad attorneys at Burke & Domercq. Our attorneys have represented clients in divorce cases here in North County for decades. This extensive experience informs the sound advice we provide to our clients, as well as the actions we take to protect the interests of our clients.
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