Thinking Through Issues of Support Before a Divorce

Pierre Domercq Spousal Support

Many people are contemplating their life and their options regarding the end of a marriage at this time of year. Historically, divorce filings are heaviest in the first 3 months of a year. That means people are often reflecting over the holidays regarding a coming divorce.
What financial questions should you be considering? It is obviously much more expensive to support two separate households here in North County San Diego than a single home. Here are some initial thoughts to consider:
Can I comfortably afford to live separately from my spouse, and is there enough income to either pay support or receive support to maintain our current lifestyle? What is my career status? The likelihood of gainful employment?
The length of your marriage will have a substantial impact on the likelihood of spousal support in a Carlsbad or North County divorce case. Did the marriage last longer than 10 years? Did one of the spouses give up their career to stay home and raise children and/or manage the household? Is there a substantial difference in your income cmopared to your spouse’s earnings?
If you are concerned with your immediate ability to financially survive after the divorce is filed it is important to understand the concept of “temporary orders.” The Court will consider immediate requests for temporary spousal support and child support to level the financial playing field and ensure every party has the financial ability to seek legal counsel.
The experienced Carlsbad divorce and family law attorneys at Burke & Domercq have extensive experience across decades in these matters. We invite you to read the comments and recommendations of our clients, as well as the recognition our attorneys have received from the legal industry.
It is important to carefully consider your situation prior to filing for a divorce. If you are considering the end of a marriage or believe your spouse intends to file it is important to seek sound advice and counsel. We invite you to contact us or call 760-712-3741 to schedule an appointment with one of our attorneys.
Thinking through issues of finances and support before a divorce can remove much of the angst and emotional and financial pressures associated with this process. Our clients value the peace of mind they receive knowing they are supported by proven, experienced counsel.