Calculating California “Guideline” Child Support

Pierre Domercq Child Support

How much will you be required to pay or receive in child support after a divorce in Carlsbad or anywhere in North County San Diego? What should you know about calculating California “Guideline” child support and why is this an important starting position in a divorce?
In order to complete the information entry in the calculator you will need to round up the past 3 years tax returns, as well as paycheck stubs for you and your spouse. The calculator will require details regarding:
health insurance
health care expenses
disability and unemployment
retirement contributions
Business or job related expenses
Child support or spousal support orders from any previous marriage
You will be required to enter information regarding both spouses as well as the children you have in common. Once all of the information is placed into the Guideline Calculator it determines the amount one spouse should pay the other in terms of child support, as well as detailed information and a breakout of support associated with each child.
The State of California has a highly quantifiable system which determines the amount of child support based upon many factors. The judge or magistrate in your case will require this information to be provided prior to any discussion about your desire to deviate from guideline child support. This is true even when the parties are in complete agreement.
There are many reasons why the former spouses may wish to deviate from guideline child support. There may be an offset in community property, a lump-sum payment or an increase in spousal support. Changes in the proposed tax reform will have a substantial impact on these negotiations in the future.
The attorneys at Burke & Domercq have successfully argued for deviations from California guideline child support and work with our clients to accomplish their specific goals and objectives for child support and every facet of their divorce. We invite you to review the recommendations of the legal industry and the reviews of our clients and contact us or call 760-712-3741 to schedule an appointment with one of our proven attorneys.