Divorcing parents can protect their children’s emotions

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Many California parents going through a divorce may worry about the effects of the end of their marriage on their children. Both parents often want to protect their children from any negative impacts and rarely want to relinquish time with their kids. Children can be sensitive to tensions, so taking time to thoughtfully organize interactions during the divorce can help them to come through the process with their healthy psychological outlook intact.
Experts advise parents to encourage their children to move forward with their lives and interests while encouraging activities and distractions that support their inclinations. In addition, absent an environment of abuse and neglect, children benefit from a strong relationship with both of their parents after divorce. This means that having a good co-parenting plan with one’s former spouse can help children feel supported with similar rules and values. In addition, children should be discouraged from avoiding or insulting the other parent and encouraged to keep their close, loving relationship. It’s also important for parents to keep in mind that young children can act out when upset or anxious, especially if they are unable to verbalize their concerns.
On the other hand, it’s also important to keep children from being go-betweens for their parents. Co-parents should be able to communicate with each other about family issues without relying on their kids to do so. Children need to be free of their parents’ emotional issues, so they should not be confidantes about issues that arise during the divorce. As much as possible, the children should be kept away from the private issues between former partners.
Parents who are considering divorce may wonder how best to develop a co-parenting schedule or ensure that they receive a beneficial child custody schedule. A family law attorney may be able to help divorcing parents by advocating for their rights and relationship with their children in family court and in divorce negotiations.