Educate young adults about prenups to avoid future problems

Pierre Domercq Divorce

Parents in California offer their children a lot of advice before they graduate high school. Some experts say that financial advice should include information about the value of prenuptial agreements. Introducing the subject before a child has become involved with a potential spouse could make the discussion easier and eliminate emotional reactions.
When young adults learn about the potential merits of a prenuptial agreement, they might become receptive to the idea on their own without needing their parents to push the idea when marriage proposals occur. The information could also prepare children who may one day be on the receiving end of a prenuptial request.
Young people who will inherit wealth also need protection from the possibility of losing family assets if a divorce ever happens. The age of marriage has also risen, which means that people might be in their 30s before getting married. At that point, they might already have real estate, investments and retirement savings. By negotiating a prenuptial agreement, spouses establish from the beginning of a marriage the terms of a divorce. This generally eliminates the need for court battles if a marriage ends and protects family wealth from shifting to an ex-spouse.
A prenuptial agreement could spell out how child support or spousal support will be calculated or separate specific assets from marital assets. A person who needs to negotiate a prenuptial agreement could seek out the representation of an attorney. Legal counsel could describe how the law determines the division of property. Suggestions about how to protect assets from future legal challenges could form the framework of the agreement. The process could involve negotiations with the other party’s attorney.