How a couple can get a quick divorce

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When a couple decides to get a divorce in California, they may be worried that the process could take a long time. However, going through a divorce is different for everyone. If the couple is able to work through their issues in a quick and amicable way, they could have the divorce completed in as little as a few months.
One of the fastest ways to get a divorce in California is to go through what is known as a DIY divorce. This type of divorce is straightforward in that all the couple has to do is fill out the paperwork, file the documents in court and wait a few months before the divorce can be finalized. This type of divorce is generally only ideal for those who have been married for a short time, do not have children and own few marital assets.
A similar type of divorce that can be quick is mediation. This type of divorce is for former couples who may have a few issues that they need to resolve before they can file the paperwork. A mediator who has an understanding of the state’s divorce process may assist with resolving the issues. The mediator could then assist with drafting up the paperwork and even filing the paperwork in court.
Those who are going through a divorce or are planning to start the process have certain rights. Even if a former couple decides to do the divorce themselves or work with a mediator, a family law attorney can still provide valuable guidance. If necessary, an attorney can discuss the rights the client may have, especially if they may be eligible for spousal support or specific marital assets.