How divorce can affects friends

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Spouses who have seen a friend get divorced are more likely to also separate. This is according to research conducted at the University of California at San Diego as well as Harvard and Brown Universities. One possible reason is that seeing someone else get divorced reduces the stigma of separation within that social circle.
It is also possible that seeing someone get divorced makes others think about all the negative aspects of their marriages. In some cases, seeing a friend enjoying a new relationship may make it tempting to want what that friend has. However, those who do get divorced may also see their friends shy away from them in the months after their marriages end.
This could be because those friends don’t want their spouses to get any ideas about leaving as well. However, individuals who are currently married can use a friend’s divorce as inspiration to improve their own relationships. Ideally, married couples will spend about 16 hours per week together on average. Furthermore, six of those hours should be spent together outside of the house.
Unfortunately, not all spouses can make a relationship work. During the divorce process, it may be a good idea to consult with an attorney. Doing so could make it easier to learn more about how to obtain child or spousal support. It may also help an individual understand how property is divided and whether an item is classified as separate or marital property. If an individual has a prenuptial agreement, the attorney may be able to review it to determine if the document is valid.