Being a custodial parent is a serious matter

Pierre Domercq Child Custody and Visitation

If a California resident is a custodial parent, it means that he or she is the primary caretaker for a son or daughter. However, the other parent generally has visitation rights, and the custodial parent should strive to have a working relationship with that person. If there is a need to change a visitation schedule, the custodial parent should allow plenty of time for the noncustodial parent to adjust to it.
Custodial parents are also responsible for keeping track of child support payments that have been made. This can be done on paper or through an app. While a custodial parent is a child’s primary caretaker, he or she typically cannot leave the state without informing the other parent. In some cases, this is true whether the child is leaving permanently or is just going on vacation for a few days. Whenever a custodial parent makes a decision, it needs to be in the best interest of the child.
Children typically do better in stable homes and when they have reliable routines. Therefore, parents are expected to do what is best to maintain stability in a child’s life even if it may be inconvenient for the adults. The best interest of the child should be considered before incurring a large expense whether it is for the child or another party.
When a judge grants legal or physical custody to an individual, the order is not necessarily a permanent one. Those who believe that they should be entitled to custody rights may benefit from seeking the advice of legal counsel. An attorney may suggest ways to change how an individual is perceived by a judge. This may mean getting a stable job, living in a larger home or taking steps to overcome a drug or alcohol problem.