Resolving Disputes in a North County Parenting Plan

Resolving Disputes in a North County Parenting Plan

Pierre Domercq Child Custody and Visitation

One of the biggest challenges facing those seeking a divorce in Carlsbad or North County San Diego is child custody. Resolving disputes in a North County parenting plan is crucial to completing your divorce. This will also have a substantial impact on the cost associated with your divorce and the time it takes to complete the process.

The experienced child custody and parenting plan attorneys at Burke & Domercq have decades of service here in North County San Diego. We are able to apply that experience, and the ideas that have worked for countless others to help you to resolve disputes and arrive at a child custody and parenting plan solution you can live with.

The central theme in child custody matters is “what is in the best interests of the child?” California Courts and the Family Law Court here in North County value quality with each parent as that is generally in the best interests of each child. It is important to ensure that the present patterns in a child’s life are preserved as much as possible.

There are factors which impact parenting time considerations such as domestic violence, drug and alcohol addiction or criminal activity. However, in most cases the parties should do their best to set emotion aside and work from the point of view of the children. What is the best way to ensure each child spends quality time with each parent in a manner that fits with the natural existing rhythms surrounding school, religious practices, extra-curricular activities and the unique needs of each child?

When necessary, we will go to trial to achieve our client’s goals. In most cases these disputes are resolved through effective negotiation and in many cases mediation.

Mediation is a non-confrontational forum where a neutral third party guides the couple through conversations while providing insight and ideas to find common ground and resolve parenting plan and child custody disputes.

If you are concerned about resolving disputes in your North County or Carlsbad child custody or parenting plan we invite you to contact us or call 760-712-3741 to schedule an appointment with one of our experienced and seasoned attorneys.