parenting plans in divorce proceedings

The Use of Parenting Plans in Divorce Proceedings

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Parents in California who are separating now often agree on the use of parenting plans in divorce proceedings. This written document outlines important parenting issues, such as the time spent with each parent and how decisions affecting the child will be made.  Also known as a custody and visitation agreement, a parenting plan is not something to be taken lightly.  After it is signed, a judge will review it and if it is approved, it will become part of the court order.

Less fighting between parents over time spent with their children makes a divorce easier on the kids.  When putting together a parenting plan, parents should take their children’s major needs into consideration, including their need for love, adequate rest, health care and a nutritious diet.  It must be tailored to the individual because every child is unique.  One thing children do have in common is a need for stability.  Parents should ensure that the plan addresses the need for consistency in mapping out time for homework, trips and social activities.  Travel time between the two homes is another important factor that should affect planning for when children go from one house to the other.

The use of parenting plans in divorce proceedings can be very general or be based upon detailed rules and restrictions.  However, there will be times when flexibility is necessary, such as when a child or parent is ill, if an event is rescheduled or when opportunities come up.  Parents must consider what is best for their children even if it means missing out on some of their time with them.
Child custody and visitation rights can be stressful topics when parents disagree on what is in their kid’s best interest.  Many parents will have questions about their rights that an attorney could answer. An attorney could offer a parent assistance in negotiating this type of document.

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