Cost Effective Carlsbad and North County Divorce

Cost Effective Carlsbad and North County Divorce

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How is it possible to complete a cost effective Carlsbad or North County divorce while accomplishing your goals and ojectives?  Why is it that more than 80% of Californians begin the process trying to do the paperwork and filings on their own, but significantly less than half of these people are able to complete the process?  What is it that makes them waste more than a year, several days off of work and hours of frustrating time standing in line for free help from the Court only to fail?

The shortest and least expensive route to a divorce here in North County is to be in complete agreement with your former spouse on every issue associated with your divorce including how things are to be divided, parenting time and custody of the kids as well as any support to be paid.

The real reason why most people who try to complete the process on their own cannot manage a cost effective Carlsbad or North County divorce is quite simple – they are either not in agreement on every issue contained within the separation agreement, or they do not have all the required forms completely and accurately filled out and ready for a Judge or Magistrate to review and approve.

This results in wasted Court dates and often a stern reprimand from the Court.  What is so complex about divorce paperwork?  The short answer: everything.  There is separate paperwork for the reporting and disclosure of assets, the calculation of child support, the custody and parenting time associated with children, the Qualified Domestic Relations Orders (QDROs) and other complex paperwork associated with the division of retirement accounts, as well as issues related to spousal support, business ownership, the disposition of the family home.

In order to experience a cost effective Carlsbad or North County divorce one must be able to find common ground and reach agreement they can live with on every issue.  This is simply not possible in the vast majority of cases here in North County.  Those who have disagreements must work to find cost effective and timely solutions which help to move them closer to their goal.

There are alternatives.  If you have a few areas of principled disagreement we can provide the benefit of our decades of experience and the insight of what has worked for other couples who faced the same challenges your are wrestling with.  Mediation is another cost-effective alternative for resolving disputes between divorcing parties.

If you don’t want to waste a year or more struggling through the Court system, standing in line in the middle of the night waiting for the Court’s self help person, or finding that the actual orders that were signed aren’t what you agreed to or expected we invite you to contact us or call 760-712-3741 to schedule an appointment with one of our attorneys.