Child Custody and Visitation or Parenting Time

Is there a difference between child custody and parenting time?

Yes, child custody deals with the legal right to make important decisions regarding a child's life and well-being, while parenting time allocates visitation time between the parents of the child.

What are the two elements of child custody?

Physical custody is the right to have the child in residence, and legal custody is the right to make important decisions for the child regarding health care, religion, education, etc.

What is joint custody?

Joint custody is quite common in a North County divorce. This is where each parent shares equally in physical custody and legal custody for the child.

What is parenting time in North County?

Parenting time in North County is a formal agreement which specifies how each parent will participate in the physical and legal custody of the child. This includes specifics regarding how time will be divided between the two, transfers, pick up and drop off as well as important decision making processes.