Your Experienced Carlsbad Divorce Attorney

What Percentage of North County Residents Attempt to File for Divorce Without an Attorney?

According to the State of California over 80% of divorce cases are filed without an attorney. According to the same agency, less than half are able to complete their divorce without an attorney.

What is the Biggest Challenge to Completing a Divorce?

Disagreement between the parties. The divorce cannot be finalized until every aspect of the divorce is completely resolved, either by the parties themselves, through mediation or by the Judge.

What is the Best Strategy to Lower the Cost of a Divorce?

The best strategy to lower the cost of a divorce is to find common ground and compromise on areas of disagreement without abandoning your own goals. Resolving dispute between the parties is the biggest source of cost in any divorce.

What Should You Look for in a Divorce Attorney?

Look for experience, awards and recognition from the legal industry itself as well as completion of California's Family Law Legal Specialization program: Certified Family Law Specialist.