Is Mediation a Strategy You Should Consider

Pierre Domercq Mediation

While the public perception of the process of a divorce has come a long way in recent years, there is still a lot of association with the heated arguments and expensive and time consuming litigation. While there are times when the right decision is to take a part of the matter before the court, the Carlsbad divorce attorneys at Burke & Domercq, LLP use their decades of experience in Carlsbad to provide sound counsel and advice to clients.
The greatest factor that determines the cost and time associated with a divorce is the ability of the parties to work through areas of disagreement to find resolution and agree upon a settlement they can live with and move forward. Many issues today such as child custody and parenting time or spousal support can often be resolved through effective negotiation. What happens when the parties can’t find common ground and reach agreement? Is mediation a strategy you should consider?
Mediation is founded on the principles of setting aside visceral bitterness, and working in a cooperative way with the leadership of a neutral third party to find a fair solution. There are some cases where mediation simply isn’t an option, especially when the balance of power between the couple is lopsided, or in cases with a history of domestic violence or abuse.
Mediation is a strategy you should consider when both parties are willing to attempt to cooperate. This doesn’t mean you have to put on a false face of nicety or act cheerfully. It simply means you have to value the idea that approaching the issues before you with openness, fairness and give-and-take will not only forge a stronger agreement both parties are more apt to abide by after the divorce decree, it will actually reduce the amount of emotional turmoil and stress associated with the process.
It may not be realistic to think that you and your former spouse are going to agree upon everything and every point. It is realistic to understand the value of principled compromise in an effort to reach an agreement you can live with.
Dan Burke has served as a family law and divorce mediator since the 1990’s. Burke and Domercq helps our clients to pursue their goals and objectives while providing sound counsel informed by decades of experience combined with legal and trial skill and expertise.
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