Major Warning Signs in a Carlsbad Divorce – Stall or Rush – Hiding Assets

Major Warning Signs in a Carlsbad Divorce

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What are some of the major warning signs in a Carlsbad divorce?  What behaviors in your former spouse should send up the equivalent of flares and red flags to warn you something probably isn’t right?

One of the first and most important tasks associated with the divorce is to clearly establish every asset and debt of each party, individual or joint.  It is important to realize that each former spouse still owes each other an important and significant legal duty: a fiduciary duty.  The legal responsibility to act fairly and with the other’s best interests in mind.  One of the first red flags is any attempt to limit your access to information about joint accounts, or providing evasive or limited information on accounts they control (such as business accounts) and associated records.  This often goes hand-in-hand with an attempt to diminish the reported value of assets they wish to keep (such as the business) or an attempt to hide assets, money or accounts.

Another of the major warning signs in a Carlsbad divorce either a rush to settle everything or an attempt to delay the process and ignore valid requests for information.  The delays not only increase the time the process will take but can impact the cost of your own divorce.  A rush to settle things quickly should also be met with a measure of caution.  The faster they want to settle things the more you should probably wonder what are they trying to hide or get past the attention of the Court and your own attorneys.

Attempts to limit information, stall, limit access to data such as account information or tax returns or a rush to get everything done are absolutely major warning signs in a Carlsbad divorce. These are often the behaviors of a former spouse who is trying to hide money or assets, diminish the value of assets they wish to keep (such as a business) or take advantage of the situation.  This is why you need the strong, proven representation of the experienced Certified Family Law Specialists at Burke & Domercq.

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