Personality Matters in a Contentious Carlsbad Divorce – Disorders

Personality Matters in a Contentious Carlsbad Divorce

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It may surprise you to learn how much personality matters in a contentious Carlsbad divorce case.  This is true not only as it pertains to personality disorders and other challenging traits in your former spouse, but in your own conduct as well.

Me?  I’m fairly normal!  How could my personality affect the outcome of my divorce?  The answer is simple: how you comport yourself in Court, in all communications and in the full, fair, truthful and accurate disclosures you provide are being carefully monitored and measured by the Judge in your case.  The Judge works to learn about the character of each individual before them and is constantly observing not only how you act in Court, but how you communicate in texts, voicemails, e-mails and social media posts.  How you conduct yourself will have a substantial impact on the Judge’s perceptions and ultimately upon your ability to successfully achieve your own goals and objectives.

One of the most common ways that personality matters in a contentious Carlsbad divorce is if your spouse has been diagnosed with issues such as narcissism, bi-polar or borderline personality disorder.  These types of personality issues can wreak havoc on the process of a divorce case and must be carefully considered and managed throughout the process.  This is why you need the strong, proven advice and counsel of the Certified Family Law Specialists at Burke & Domercq.

Child custody and visitation is another significant area where personality matters in a contentious Carlsbad divorce.  The Court works with the central principle of “the best interests of the child” as it approaches each would-be co-parent to evaluate their skills as a parent and their ability to manage the responsibility of co-parenting.  The Court will be very interested in the natural rhythms of your child’s life and how much of a role each parent plays in their day-to-day needs.  You may have some challenges in this respect and our attorneys provide sound insight into how to improve your own activities as a parent to ensure you accomplish your goals and objectives.

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