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What Are Temporary Restraining Orders in a Carlsbad Divorce?

Pierre Domercq Divorce

“I’ve just been served divorce papers in Carlsbad and there are restraining orders on the back of the summons.  What are temporary restraining orders in a Carlsbad divorce and what do they really mean?” The shock of being served divorce papers is disruptive for most people, even when they are expected.  However, many are surprised by the Automatic Temporary Restraining …

former spouse from taking money

How Do I Keep My Former Spouse from Taking Money Out of our Accounts

Pierre Domercq Divorce

We are often asked “How do I keep my former spouse from taking money out of our accounts during the divorce?” One of the concerns shared by many people contemplating a divorce is the fear that their former spouse may attempt to take money out of joint accounts, or run up credit cards prior to a divorce. The fastest and …