Pre-Planning Before a Second Marriage in San Diego - Prenuptial Contract

Pre-Planning Before a Second Marriage in San Diego

Pierre Domercq Prenuptial Agreement

Why is pre-planning before a second marriage in San Diego an important process?  How can the Certified Family Law Specialists at Burke & Domercq work with you to protect your interests as you consider a new marriage? Remarriage and blended families are much more common these days here in San Diego and across the nation. What legal issues are important …

What Will Judge Consider When Determining Spousal Support San Diego

What Will the Judge Consider When Determining Spousal Support?

Pierre Domercq Spousal Support

Many clients ask us whether or not spousal support will be ordered as part of their San Diego divorce case.  What will the Judge consider when determining spousal support in your case?  Unlike child support, where there is a specific formula to follow, spousal support has no such formula and is based on complex California family law. There are several …

Why Should an Unmarried Father File a Paternity Case in San Diego?

“The Unmarried Mother of Our baby Can Leave Town and I have No Legal Say in the Matter?”

Pierre Domercq Paternity

We are often asked something to the effect of “The unmarried mother of our baby can leave town and I have no legal say in the matter?”  It may surprise many San Diego residents to learn that more than half of the children born in the United States today come into a family with unmarried parents. The norms have changed, and …

What is Mediation in a Carlsbad Divorce and How Does it Work

What Should You Look for in a Carlsbad Divorce Mediator?

Pierre Domercq Mediation

What should you look for in a Carlsbad divorce mediator?  When do you need a mediator and how do select one? One of the most cost-effective divorce strategies is to consider mediation for the resolution of all areas of dispute between the parties. Mediation is highly encouraged by our North County Family Courts as  it often helps couples with seemingly …

Family Law Mediation in North County

Family Law Mediation in North County

Pierre Domercq Mediation

Are you looking for family law mediation in North County?  Mediation is simply one option for resolving areas of dispute in a Carlsbad divorce or family law case. What happens when the parties can’t agree upon crucial issues such as child custody or parenting time issues, relocating with children after a divorce or financial issues such as spousal support or …