Emails and Texts to a Former Spouse

Do Emails and Texts to a Former Spouse Matter in a North County Divorce?

Pierre Domercq Divorce

Do emails and texts to a former spouse or social media posts matter in a North County divorce case?  To say most divorces are emotional would be a dramatic understatement.  We are often asked “I sent an angry communication to my former spouse.  What now?”  What impact can an electronic communication make in a Carlsbad divorce? Most experienced family law …

The Fiduciary Duty of Former Spouses Going Through a Divorce

Pierre Domercq Divorce

If you are considering or going through a divorce in Carlsbad or North County it is important to understand the “fiduciary duty” you owe to your former spouse throughout the process. The papers sent to you by the Court (or provided by your attorney) remind you of the obligation married spoueses have to one another – known legally as a …