The Division of Retirement Accounts in a Divorce

The Division of Retirement Accounts in a Divorce

Pierre Domercq Retirement Asset Division

How do you handle division of retirement accounts in a divorce?  Most Carlsbad and North County divorce cases these days include the division of retirement accounts such as 401(k)s, IRAs, or pension funds.  These assets are eligible for division as community property in California.  The process for ensuring that these assets are properly accounted for and managed as part of …

Protecting Substantial Assets in a Carlsbad Divorce

Pierre Domercq Divorce

Are you concerned about protecting substantial assets in a Carlsbad divorce?  Do you own rental or investment real estate?  Do you have substantial savings, investment and or retirement accounts?  Are you or your former spouse the owners of a business or a partner in a professional practice?  What steps should you take to prepare for divorce and to protect your …