Millennials Seeking Prenuptial Agreements

Many Millennials Seeking Prenuptial Agreements

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Is it a surprise to you that the trend of many millennials seeking prenuptial agreements has changed what was once an almost “taboo” subject?  10 years ago, few California couples wanted to “discuss the potential end of their marriage” before they even exchange their vows. However, a prenuptial agreement requires exactly that type of important discussion. Prenups allow people who …

Millennials Trying to Avoid Property Division in Divorce

Millennials Trying to Avoid Property Division in Divorce

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Some millennials trying to avoid property division in divorce here in Carlsbad may be in for a surprise.  A recent Bank of America survey concluded many millennials are electing not to open joint accounts with their new spouse after marriage.  The Bank of America study shows 28% of newly married couples are maintaining separate checking and savings accounts from their …