How are Stocks Divided in a San Diego Divorce - Community Property

How are Stocks Divided in a San Diego Divorce?

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How are stocks divided in a San Diego divorce?  What do you need to know about stocks, stock options, vested versus unvested and the division of community property in your divorce? We’ll begin with a few community property basics.  Community property (assets and debts) in a California divorce is to be divided equally between the parties.  In some cases property …

What Happens Once Divorce Papers are Served in San Diego - Attorney

What are My Options After Being Served With Divorce Papers?

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What are my options after being served with divorce papers?  If your former wife or husband has served you with divorce papers what you’ve probably received is a “Summons” and a “Petition.”  You will be known as the “respondent” in the case going forward and your ex is the “petitioner.” You need to read these papers very carefully.  Your ex, …