What is Mediation in a Carlsbad Divorce and How Does it Work

What is Mediation in a Carlsbad Divorce and How Does it Work?

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What is mediation in a Carlsbad divorce and how does it work?  Mediation is a structured process for resolving areas of disagreement in a safe, productive and private environment. The parties review options and agree upon a mediator for their case.  The mediator should have extensive experience in California family law and the local rules our Family Courts.  The mediator …

What are the Legal Protections for Couples Who Live Together

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“The times, they are a changing.” The patterns of relationships in the past 20 years has substantially changed from the traditional rules of the past. The days of attending school, getting a job, getting married, buying a home, starting a family and working to retirement have substantially changed. Many couples today prefer to live together and put off buying a …

What is Palimony – Why is It Important to Couples Who Live Together?

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“Palimony” is a term that was made famous in a case involving the Actor Lee Marvin (The Dirty Dozen and many other films). Mr. Marvin lived with Michele Triola for several years. When they finally separated Ms. Triola sued Marvin alleging he owed her “Palimony” (a play on the word alimony, now known as spousal support). Ms. Triola asserted that …