Mediation Helps Reduce the Time Cost and Emotional Duress of a Divorce

What is a Cost-Effective Divorce

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What is a cost-effective divorce in North County San Diego?  The real answer to this question is based upon several variables, including how you value your: Time Quality Time with Your Children Peace of Mind Future After the Divorce How do you value your time? It is possible to complete a divorce in California without legal representation. Many people believe …

Can an Unmarried Mother Take her Child and Leave California

Can an Unmarried Mother Take her Child and Leave California?

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Can an unmarried mother take her child and leave California without the father’s permission?  While this is a complex legal question, the simple answer begins with “yes, unless the father of the child asserts his rights and paternity under California law.”  If this is the case, how does an unmarried father in California protect his custody rights and the parenting privileges …

Are You Struggling with the Holidays Knowing “It’s Time” to Consider a Divorce in Carlsbad?

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Many people struggle through the holidays in relationships which are challenged and flawed. You are not alone. You may have that feeling inside which tells you “it’s time” to start thinking about a divorce. You may still be reflecting on what has happened and the impact of your differences with your spouse. As new years approaches it is normal for …

Changes in California’s Family Lifestyles

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How are changes in California’s family lifestyles affecting family law and divorce in Carlsbad and North County San Diego? As Millenials and Baby Boomers age the “traditional family” stereotype is continually changing. The Pew Research Institute recently released a study which shows younger adults are choosing to live together and cohabitate instead of traditional marriage. This applies to couples of …

Divorce or a Legal Separation

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We are often asked about legal separations and the difference between a legal separation and a divorce in North County San Diego. A legal separation accomplishes many of the goals of a divorce, without terminating the underlying marriage itself. “Why on earth would anyone want to do that?” you might ask. There are actually quite a few reasons to consider …

California Divorce Rate Highest in the Nation

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A recent article in a local newspaper noted that southern California has the highest divorce rate in the nation with more than 30 divorces filed on average every day of the year. Many myths surround the cost of a divorce, including the myth that attorneys drive these costs substantially higher. This is simply untrue. The greatest source of “cost” in …